Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Genealogy Journal Issues Off to the Printers

I edit two genealogy journals.  I have been the editor of The Galitzianer, the quarterly newsletter focused on Jewish research in the former Austrian province of Galicia, since November 2009, when Ed Goldstein, the former editor, stepped down after nine years.  It is published by Gesher Galicia.  I recently took on the job of editing ZichronNote, the newsletter of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society.  Beth Galleto had been the editor for ten years.  Just my luck, they both have the same publication schedule -- February, May, August, November.  But they cover different material, and I get to work with very nice people who have interesting stories to tell, so it's a lot of fun.

The articles in the February issue of The Galitzianer are the second half of a list of 1938 Dębica, Poland, industrial permits; a review of a memoir of the town of Boryslaw, Ukraine; a reunion between a hidden child and the Polish family who helped her and her family; remembering the life of a Holocaust survivor; the methods used to search for a survivor in order to reconnect her with the family who sheltered her; a good application of DNA tests to complement traditional research; and a family gathering of several branches, reunited through research originally begun to claim an inheritance.

In the February issue of ZichronNote (my first issue) you will find the revival of an orchestra to commemorate family members lost in the Holocaust; transcribing thousands of burial records in order to help other researchers find information; twenty genealogy resolutions for the year; and the importance of translating words correctly.

Both journals have a short note about the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, which occurred on March 25, 1911.  I knew about the Triangle Fire previously, but it has become more important to me because of research I did on one young woman who survived the fire by jumping out of a window but who died three days later due to her injuries.  I will write more about her on the anniversary of the fire.

Both The Galitzianer and ZichronNote are available only to members of the respective organizations. If you join either (or both) you get a subscription to the journal and help fund research projects, and you help support a hobby you enjoy.

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