Emma Schafer

This is the history of Emma Margaret (Schafer) Petit La Forêt.  I was given a collection of documents and photos relating to her and to people connected with her by someone who thought I could do her story justice.  I decided that the collection was my "treasure chest" and have been writing weekly about (mostly) one item at a time.  When I have gone through everything, I plan to do additional research to answer some of the questions that have come up during the course of analyzing and discussing the documents.

Don't Look a Genealogy Gift Horse in the Mouth?

The History of Emma M. Schafer

Narrative of Emma M. Petit

Narrative of Emma M. Petit (conclusion)

1883 Marriage Certificate of Emma Schafer and Emile Petit

Emma Petit Takes Out an Insurance Policy

Emile and Emma Petit Separate

Emma Petit's Divorce Lawyer

Emma and Emile Petit's Divorce Is Finalized

Emma Receives a Copy of Her Divorce Decree

Emma Has Remarried and Is Living in Europe!

Emma La Forêt Applies for an Emergency Passport

Emma La Forêt's Emergency Passport

The Widow Emma Seeks a Pension

Emma Files a Second Pension Claim?

One of Emma's Pension Claims Moves Forward

Emma Responds with Documents

The Missing Documentation

One of the Transcriptions Wasn't Adequate

Wordless Wednesday

Emma La Foret Orders the "San Francisco Examiner"

Wordless Wednesday

Jean La Forêt Was a Teacher

Another Recommendation for Jean La Forêt's Work as a Teacher

Yet One More Recommendation for Jean La Forêt

Jean La Forêt's Diary

Jean La Forêt's Diary, part deux

Jean La Forêt's Diary, la troisième partie

Jean La Forêt's Diary, fourth section

Wordless Wednesday

Jean La Forêt's Diary, section cinq

Jean La Forêt's Diary, the finale

Wordless Wednesday

Important Birthdays in Jean La Forêt's Life

Wordless Wednesday

The Last Pages from Jean La Forêt's Journal

The Marriage Certificate of Jean La Forêt and Emma Schafer

Addresses for Emma Schafer's Siblings

Jean La Forêt's 1890 Naturalization

Jean La Forêt Receives a Postcard

Jean La Forêt Receives a Letter after the War

Two of Jean La Forêt's Letters Go around the World

Calling Cards from the Paytavins

American Consular Service Documents

Four Envelopes

Captain P. Rychner

Jean La Forêt Follows Developments in Nicaragua

An Envelope from Paris

Jean La Forêt's Service to the United States

Jean La Forêt Has a Laundry List of Ailments

Jean La Forêt Announces His Life Story and Will

Jean La Forêt Is Feeling His Age

"New Pension Legislation" That Could Affect Jean La Forêt

Another Newspaper Clipping about Pensions

Basic Information about Jean and Emma La Forêt

Jean La Forêt May Have Owned a Record Player

Jean La Forêt Is Concerned about Italian Espionage

Jean La Forêt Receives a Letter from His Daughter

A Second Letter from Adrienne La Forêt

An Insurance Policy for Rosita La Forêt

Rosita La Forêt Is Insured Again

Another Insurance Policy, Another Trip for Rosita?

A Legal Waiver from Louis Curdt

A Surprise Trove about Louis Curdt and Family

Emile Petit Answers Questions about Events in Missouri

Discussion of the John Schafer Estate Dispute Begins

Jean La Forêt's Accounting of the Elizabeth Curdt Estate

A Note about Settling Elizabeth Curdt's Estate

Who Has How Much Land?

Estate of John Schafer and Elizabeth Walz

Revisiting Louis Curdt's Legal Waiver

Another Copy of Emile Petit's "Interrogation"

Missouri 1899 Statutes

Elizabeth Curdt's "Obituary"

Emma Writes to Her Siblings

The Curdt Siblings Respond

Notice of Final Settlement and Probate Court Docket

Fraudulent Conveyances!

Draft of a Response?

Jean La Forêt Does Land Research

Defending the League of Nations

It's a Conspiracy!

A Short Synopsis of the Beginning of the Schafer Property

The Chain of Deeds for the Schafer Property

John Schafer Buys Property of the Late John Smith

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