Thursday, May 5, 2011

Online Database of Hong Kong Protestant Cemetery

WWI Navy Grave
A new free database for the Hong Kong Protestant Cemetery listing names, plot numbers, and tombstone inscriptions has been launched on a Hong Kong history Web site.  The site says that "[t]he database was compiled as part of Patricia Lim's research for her recent book.  She has generously agreed to make it publicly available, and to let us publish a copy here on"

Lim's book is Forgotten Souls: A Social History of the Hong Kong Cemetery.  It discusses the lives of the people buried in the cemetery.  Some sample chapter headings are available on the Web site.

The database will eventually provide a complete listing of those buried at the cemetery (more than 6,000 graves), with inscriptions and plot numbers.  The database is still being developed, but you can currently search for names at, note the plot number, then look up the plot through one of three links to find the inscription.  Later, photos and notes from the author will be added.


  1. I think?? a Mary Ford, wife of John Ford May have been buried in Hong Kong Cemetary...I found an index of the Andrews card collection and wonder just how I could either see the grave and inscription or an obituary for her...any ideas???

    1. Well, the current listing for the cemetery includes three Mary Fords, who died on November 5, 1949; July 8, 1939; and November 29, 1867, respectively. Could one of them be your Mary Ford?

  2. Sorrry, only just relocated this site again!! Yes, the November 1867 one is my Mary Ford.........would you know how I could get a copy of her death certificate out there........and is there anywhere that there might be an obituary?? I think(?) her husband had a bit of money and a bit well known so its possible that there might be one.........and (sorry again!) how would I get to see the so sorry for the delay, I've been so disorganised............ x Lin (Tully) p.s. Mary is my 2x gt Aunt via my maiden name.Thanks Janice for replying!!

    1. Did you find the tombstone inscription on the Web site? It's:

      Sacred/ to the memory of/ Mary/ the beloved wife of/ John Ford/ who died Nov. 29th/ 1867/ aged 29 years/ Requiescent in Pace #3515

      For an obituary in Hong Kong, you'll need to find out what newspapers were being published in English in 1867. The Hong Kong Public Library has several issues of The China Mail digitized and online, but I didn't find an obituary for Mary. I don't know how complete the online collection is or how early it began publishing, however. You also might try looking for an obituary in the country John and Mary were from. John may have had an obituary published for relatives back home.


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