Sunday, June 12, 2011

Loving Day

Loving Day, June 12, is the anniversary of the day the Supreme Court of the United States struck down miscegenation laws as unconstitutional.  Richard and Mildred Loving didn't set out to change the world; they were in love and just wanted to be married.  It took strength and persistence to pursue their case, but the victory opened the doors for many more couples to be able to marry in any state and for their marriages to be valid in any state.  Those couples also had to be strong, because even though the laws had changed, attitudes change much more slowly.  Today I have in my thoughts Floyd and Jean, Hugh and Robin, Mike and Lisa, Karm and Mary, Amit and Beth, Kevin and Angela, and Andrew and Djuna.

Perhaps in the future more laws will be struck down and other couples who want to will be able to marry and have those marriages be accepted everywhere in our country.  In the hope that I live long enough to see that happen, I also hold in my thoughts on this day Jeff and Ed, Thomas and George, Barry and Steve, and Dennis and Kevin.

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