Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No! Don't throw them away!

A friend of mine is helping someone else go through that person's mother's stuff.  The mother passed away recently.

My friend sent me a message because she knew I would be crestfallen to hear that her friend was tossing out lots of her mother's photographs, because "there's no one around anymore to ask who these people are."

It's sad that she did not ask her mother about the photographs while she was alive.  But it's also sad that she made the decision to just throw them away.  There might have been cousins, aunts, uncles who could have identified people in the photos or who might have wanted to keep them -- but she wants nothing to do with her cousins.  The photos might have been of interest to a historical or genealogical society in an area where the mother was from -- but now it's too late.

I wish my friend had grabbed the photos and saved them.  I would have taken them.

Another small part of history has died.


  1. So sad. I look at all the unidentified photos in antique malls and wish there were some way to get them to someone who cares!

  2. Me too! If there's identifying information on photos I often buy them and try to find a family member who wants them.


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