Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. My Aunt Fanny! I have very fond memories of her and Uncle Louie too. A few years back I was at a supermarket picking up a few last minute things for a Passover Seder, and a woman who was passing out samples struck up a conversation with me. In passing I mention I'm a jewban and she said she happened to have been very close to a jewban family many years earlier in NY. I was really shocked to learn the family she was so close to was my own. Her name is Honey Amron, and she was married to Eli Amron, Fanny and Louie's son. She knew my father and uncle because they were both living with them from the time they left Cuba. I never even knew that! I asked my father, Max Socherman and he confirmed it was true and remembered Honey very well. I even gave him her number to contact her directly.

  2. I thought it was probably Fanny, because I have several other photos of her (identified) at the beach. So Honey was the woman passing out samples? I may have photos of her also!

    1. The woman was Honey Amron. I believe she was about 80 at the time but I found it hard to believe. I'd like to see earlier photos of her if you have them. My father says she was very beautiful, which is what I would have imagined. She's tall and in great shape with these striking blue eyes.


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