Sunday, April 21, 2013

IAJGS Conference Preliminary Program Online

It's time to start planning your schedule for the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference in Boston this August!  The preliminary program has been posted online.  Besides simply browsing the complete list, you can search by topic, geographical focus, speaker's name, date, and more.

I already have a busy conference planned for myself, with sessions marked in almost every time slot.  Some of the priority sessions I've marked are "Interpreting 19th Century Russian Language Documents" on August 4 (even knowing how to read Russian, these are hard to work through), "Researching Your Ancestors' Food" on August 5 (what can I say, I like to eat), "Kishinev: History of Jews and Genealogy" on August 7 (my great-grandfather's six younger siblings were born in Kishinev, and the family lived there for more than 15 years), "Early American Jewish Research: Before 1870" on August 8 (I'm still trying to prove the connection of an 18th-century Jewish man in Virginia to his possible brother in Charleston and then to the family's origins in Germany), and "A Very Short Course in Hebrew for Family Researchers" on August 9 (I *really* need to learn Hebrew!).  The most important item on my schedule is my own talk on August 6 on finding and using online historical Jewish newspapers!

The conference runs August 4-9 and is being held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers.  While I'm in the area, I found research I can do in person.  I have cousins who live near Boston, and we're going to get together and talk about our family.  In addition, I realized that Brockton is not far away, and I need to visit some cemeteries there.  I'm going to have a week crammed full of family history!

Can you OD on genealogy?

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