Saturday, June 1, 2013

World War I Memorial Discovered in Clearwater, Florida

While renovating a theater built in 1924 in Clearwater, workers discovered a memorial to local World War I soldiers hand-painted on an interior wall.  An article about the discovery doesn't mention that any damage was done to the wall, so it seems that everything has been saved so far.  When the article was published on April 10 only the names from J–Z had been exposed.  The only name mentioned in the article is McMullen, but I can see Carroll, Grover, and Lee in one of the photos.  What to do with the wall is still being discussed.  Though preserving and displaying it seem to be desired, a later article suggests that prospects are not looking good due to the deteriorated condition of the brick wall.  This second article also explains that the wall was formerly an exterior wall for the Clearwater Evening Sun and would have been prominently visible in town.  I hope that at a minimum a list of the names is created and posted online, like maybe on the USGenWeb site for Pinellas County?

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