Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Opportunities to Help

I posted recently about several projects that were looking for input and/or help from other people.  Maybe it's something about summer?  But here are more requests for family-history-related projects.  You might have information that can help.

You probably have heard of Maureen Taylor's The Last Muster, the first book of photographs of Americans who lived during the American Revolutionary War.  (Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure my Revolutionary War ancestor never had his photograph taken.)  Volume 2 of The Last Muster is due to be released soon, and a movie is being planned also.  But Maureen is now searching for images of Loyalists -- those individuals living in the American colonies who sided with the British and went to Canada.  If you have a photo of an ancestor who moved to Canada as a Loyalist, contact Maureen at  If you're not sure whether your ancestors were Loyalists, checking this list of Loyalist settlements in Canada might help.

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The Belzec Memorial Museum is gathering information about people who were killed in the death camp at Belzec.  It is part of the "Every Victim Has a Name" project and of the museum's cooperation with international institutions that conduct research into the Holocaust.  The victims of Belzec were not anonymous, as the Nazis wished them to be.  The project will help restore the victims' names, and the stories of their lives will become part of the museum's educational activities.  If you can help by contributing names and/or stories, please contact Ewa Koper at or, and put "Every Victim Has a Name" as the subject.

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The Mt. Washington (New Hampshire) Auto Road is trying to identify the stage coach drivers in a photograph they believe dates to before 1900.  If you have an ancestor who drove stage coaches in New Hampshire, they are hoping you will recognize one of the men in the photo.  You can read some of what is known about the photo here; contact information for Mt. Washington Auto Road is included in the story.

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