Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Nilgiri Hills: Christian Memorials 1822–2006"

Another resource for Anglo-Indian research will be available soon.  Dr. John C. Roberts and N. P. Chekkutty wrote a book earlier this year on Christian burials and memorials in towns of India's Malabar coast, which was published by the South India Research Association (SIRA).  Now SIRA, a volunteer group of researchers and scholars registered in New York, is getting ready to publish Roberts and Chekkutty's second book, Nilgiri Hills:  Christian Memorials 1822–2006.  The comprehensive research took two years and covered cemeteries and many isolated graves.

The Nilgiri Hills book will be about 500 pages, with detailed maps of the cemeteries and of coffee and tea estate locations.  It will also include full-color reproductions of historical images of the area.

As with the previous publication, this will be a limited edition.  A production run of 250 copies is the only printing planned.  The anticipated release date is February 15, 2014.  The prepublication subscription price is 1,000 Rs.; after publication the price will rise to 1,250 Rs.  Postage outside India is 500 Rs; postage within India is free.  You can place your order through info.sira@yahoo.in.

Actually, they said that there would be a less expensive second printing of the Malabar book, but I haven't heard anything more about it.  In this age of computers and electronic publications, perhaps they might want to consider some form of e-book.

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