Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two Journals Finished and Soon to Be Mailed

Oh, I love it when I start to catch up on my schedule!  The February 2014 issue of ZichronNote, journal of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society, and the Winter 2014 issue of The Baobab Tree, published by the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California, are both done and will be mailed soon to the societies' respective members.  ZichronNote is on schedule, and Baobab should really have come out in January, but considering the previous two issues were two months behind, one month late is a distinct improvement.

This issue of ZichronNote has the conclusion of the article that began in the November 2013 issue, where someone was very surprised to find that her great-grandmother apparently was born Jewish.  Not what one would expect when the woman in question had been known to her family only as an enthusiastic Christian Scientist!  Other articles are the story of unexpectedly finding a cousin in Russia while on a research trip, a description of the genealogy class that was part of the curriculum at a Jewish high school, and thoughts on how to make sure your years of genealogy research will be saved for many generations to come.

The winter issue of The Baobab Tree leads off with the third article in a series exploring some of the surnames originating with slave owners that are still common among blacks in Arkansas.  In addition, the regular column "Genealogy 101" covers a list of some basic vocabulary terms genealogists need to understand; an author expounds on her opinion of why wildcards are far better than Soundex; the descendant of the daughter of a Dutch immigrant and an African slave in Schnectady, New York, who married the son of French-Canadian immigrants tells a little of their story; and the recent movie Twelve Years a Slave generated interested in reading the original book.

ZichronNote and The Baobab Tree are each a benefit of membership for joining the respective genealogical society. Articles for both are accepted from both members and nonmembers.  If you submit an article that is published, you will receive a copy of the issue with your article even if you are not a member (but think about joining!).  Submissions may be articles, reviews, graphics, or almost anything genealogy-related, both original and previously published, and must be relevant to either Jewish or black family history research, respectively.  Submission guidelines for The Baobab Tree, including deadlines, are available online.  For details about submissions to ZichronNote, write to me for more information.

So send me an article!  Can't you tell I love to read?

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