Monday, January 12, 2015

My First All-day Seminar!

I am so excited and proud!  I have been selected by the Calaveras Genealogical Society to be the presenter at this year's annual Family History Seminar.  They've chosen four of my talks for the seminar:

• Get Me to the Church on Time:  Finding Religious Records
• Where There's a Will:  Probate Records Can Prove Family Connections
• Reconstructing Family Information When You Start with Almost Nothing: A Case Study
• They Wouldn't Put It on the Web If They Didn't Want Me to Use It:  Copyright Issues for Genealogy

All of these focus primarily on the U.S., although there is some discussion of records from other locations.  "Finding Religious Records" is mostly about Christian church records and includes some information about Jewish and Muslim records.   "Where There's a Will" describes the probate process and the types of family relationships that can be documented.  The case study shows the methodical research steps taken when I started out with a town name, one person's last name, a married woman's first name, and a third person's occupation (but no name) and slowly built up a seven-generation family tree.  The final talk addresses some of the commonly seen problems with how Internet users readily "borrow" information.

The seminar will be on Saturday, April 18, at the LDS Church, 400 Bret Harte Drive, Murphys, California.  More information should be available soon on the CGS site.  I don't know yet if the seminar is open to the public or if there is a fee for attending, but I'll post when I find out.

The speaker for last year's seminar was Steve Morse, so I have a big act to follow.  But I'm looking forward to this great experience!

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