Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Carrie Ann's Meme

This week for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Randy Seaver has found another Facebook meme that looked interesting.  So today we're playing 20 questions.

Your mission this week, should you decide to accept it, is:

(1) On Facebook, Carrie Ann Smith posted a meme earlier this week and I thought it might be fun for SNGF (thank you, Carrie Ann!).

(2) Copy the questions below, delete my answers, and put your own answers in.

(3) Post the questions and answers on your own blog, in a comment to this blog, or in a Facebook or Google+ post.  Be sure to leave a link to your blog post in my blog post.

So here is my contribution.

1.  Who are you named after?  I was named Janice Marie after the initials of my maternal great-grandparents, Joyne (Gorodetsky) and Moishe (Meckler).

2.  Last time you cried?  The morning of August 31, when I woke up and found one of my cats was missing because the man who bought my house had broken in during the night and left a window open.  I am thankful that the cat was found quickly. 

3.  Soda or water?  Water most of the time, although I do enjoy an occasional Mountain Dew.

4.  What's your favorite kind of pizza?  Italian sauage and jalapenos on thin crust. 

5.  Favorite flower?  Red roses.  After my grandfather died, I learned from my mother that he had always given red roses to my grandmother for Mother's Day, so I picked up the tradition and continued it until my grandmother passed away.

6.  Roller coaster?  I enjoy them, but I don't go often.

7.  Favorite ice cream?  Mint chocolate chip, with Ben & Jerry's Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz a close second.  

8.  Favorite book?  Encyclopedia Brittanica.

9.  Shorts or jeans?   Jeans.  I practically live in them.

10.  What are you listening to right now?  The washing machine.

11.  Favorite color?  Blue.

12.  Tattoos?  One, a Western-style dragon on my upper right arm.

13.  Favorite thing to eat?  Shrimp.

14.  Android or iPhone?  Neither.  I have a flip phone.

15.  Favorite holiday?  Chanukah, because I get to make latkes for everyone.

16.  Night owl or mornings?  I used to be an early bird, but I've been a night owl for the past few years.  I'm currently trying to retrain myself to mornings. 

17.  Fave day of the week?  I can do genealogy every day.  But maybe Tuesday, because that's the night for Chopped!, NCIS, and NCIS:  NOLA

18.  Favorite season?  Fall, for football season and cooler weather.

19.  Favorite sport?  Football, hands down.  

20.  Mountains, beach, forest, or snow?  Maybe forest, although I've never lived in any of the four.  I used to live near beaches when I was younger, but most of my life has been spent in cities.

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