Saturday, March 28, 2020

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: A Facebook "Have You Done This?" Meme

It's good to see that almost whatever is going on in the world, genealogists can count on Randy Seaver to challenge us with new questions for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission:  Impossible! music here), is:

(1) Another "Have you done this?" meme was going around Facebook this past week.  Let's do it!!

(2) Copy and paste the list below, delete my answers, and add your own.

(3) Tell us about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or in a post on Facebook.

So here's this week's list:

1.  Driven 100 mph:  I'm with Randy, I don't think so.  Probably 85 mph is the fastest I've driven.  I have been a passenger in a car with someone driving 90.

2.  Ridden in a helicopter:  Once, from Ontario (California) airport to LAX.
3.  Gone ziplining:  Oh, hell no.
4.  Been to an NFL game:  Not many, but yes.  Only one with my beloved Minnesota Vikings.
5.  Been to Canada:  Yes, to British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Québec.

6.  Visited Florida:  Yes, visited and lived there.

7.  Visited Mexico:  Once, to Acapulco, as a stop while on a cruise ship on the way back to the States from Australia.

8.  Visited Vegas:  Yes, visited dozens of times and also lived there.

9.  Eaten alone at a restaurant:  More times than I can count.

10.  Ability to read music:  Yup, since I was a kid.

11.  Ridden a motorcycle:  Yes, and I still have my license.

12.  Ridden a horse:  Yes, a few times.

13.  Stayed in a hospital:  Yes, abdominal surgery.

14.  Donated blood:  Yes, earned a multigallon pin.

15.  Been snow skiing:  Never.  I've barely been in snow.

16.  Been to Disney World or Disneyland:  Yes, both.

17.  Slept outside:  Yes, camping with family and with Girl Scouts.

18.  Driven a stick shift:  Yes, that's what I learned first.

19.  Ridden in an 18-wheeler:  Not that I can recall.

20.  Ridden in a police car:  Not that I can recall.

21.  Driven a boat:  Yes, small boats when my family lived in Florida.

22.  Eaten escargot:  Yes, once for my birthday.

23.  Been on a cruise:  Yes, when returning to the States from Australia.  We stopped at New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico (mentioned above), Panama, and the Canal Zone (when the latter two were still separate political entities).

24.  Run out of gas:  Yes, two or three times.

25.  Been on TV:  Yes, several times with the USC Marching Band (The Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe).

26.  Eaten sushi:  Yes, many, many times, including several times in Vegas at the San Remo (awesome sushi!).

27.  Seen a UFO:   No.

28.  Been bungie jumping:  Not only no, but hell no.

29.  Visited another continent:  Yes, Australia and Europe.  South America if you count Central America as being part of it.

30.  Been to Ellis Island?  No, but it's on my list.

Not bad, only seven noes.  I expect three of those to stay that way.


  1. What a cool cruise you had from Australia. And no, Central America is part of North America. You do need to visit NYC & Ellis Island.

    1. Yeah, that's what I thought I remembered about Central America, but I figured it was worth a shot. :) And yes, it was a very cool cruise, aboard a Greek cruise ship. That's where my siblings and I learned to appreciate squid and octopus.

  2. I think I have more no answers than you - my post will go up tomorrow morning. Your cruise visit to the Canal Zone when it was still separated from Panama must have been an interesting visit. I'm with you on the bungee jumping and zip lining!

    1. Just going through the canal was interesting in and of itself, but yes, especially trying to explain it today that they used to be two different countries really confuses a lot of people! (Of course, more people should read history, shouldn't they?)


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