Monday, June 8, 2020

Free Webinars on Weekends in June!

To complement MyHeritage offering free access to databases every day in June, Legacy Family Tree (which is owned by MyHeritage) announced that each of the upcoming weekends in June it will offer a themed track of Webinars, many of them brand-new presentations.  From the Legacy Family Tree Webinars site:

June 12–14, Technology
  • Metadata for Digital Images, Thomas MacEntee (NEW!)
  • Tracking Your Digital Breadcrumbs:  Bookmarks, Toolbars, Notes, and Other Applications, Cyndi Ingle (members-only webinar to be unlocked)
  • Google Drive:  An Office in the Cloud, DearMYRTLE and Russ Worthington (older Webinar which will be unlocked)
  • Top Tech Tips for the Technologist and the Genealogist, Geoff Rasmussen (older Webinar which will be unlocked)
  • Tech Savvy Scrapbooking & Journaling for Family History, Annie Bowser Tennant (older Webinar which will be unlocked)
  • Microsoft Word Series #3:  Formatting Tips and Tricks, Thomas MacEntee (older Webinar which will be unlocked)
June 19–21, Great Britain Research
  • Finding Your 18th Century Ancestors in England, Paul Milner (NEW!)
  • Finding Your 19th Century Ancestors in England, Paul Milner (NEW!)
  • Why Did the Welsh leave Wales?, Penny Walters (NEW!)
  • Black British Family History:  Research and Identity, Penny Walters (NEW!)
  • Foundations of Scottish Genealogy 1 of 12:  The Top 3 Resources, Bruce Durie (older Webinar which will be unlocked)
  • Foundations of Scottish Genealogy 2 of 12:  Who Are the Scots?, Bruce Durie (older Webinar which will be unlocked)
June 26–28, Black American Research (almost all new!!)
  • African American Genealogy Challenges: What You Need to Know!, Shelley Murphy (NEW!)
  • Grandma Said:  Verifying Oral History, Aaron Dorsey (NEW)
  • The Second Middle Passage:  Following the DNA Trails, Melvin Collier (NEW!)
  • Finding Calvin:  Following My Enslaved Ancestor through Multiple Owners, a Case Study, Renate Sanders (NEW!)
  • DNA Corroborates Oral Tradition about the Parents of a Freedman, LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson (NEW!)
  • African American Genealogy Resources at the Library of Congress, Ahmed Johnson (older Webinar which will be unlocked)
Register for the live introductory Webinar at, which will give instructions for viewing the presentations.

I'm surprised that the Black American research weekend wasn't scheduled the weekend before, which would have made it fall on Juneteenth.

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