Friday, April 9, 2021

Yom HaShoah: Commemorating My Lost Family Members

The annual day of rememberance to remember Jewish victims of the Holocaust during World War II is called Yom HaShoah.  It falls on 27 Nisan on the Jewish calendar, which measures days from sunset to sunet.  This year on the Christian calendar it began at sunset on April 8 and will end at sunset on April 9.

The following is the list of my family members I believe to have died in the Holocaust.  All of them are from my Mekler/Nowicki family and lived in what was Grodna gubernia in the Russian Empire (now in Belarus).  May their memory be for a blesisng.

Beile Dubiner
Eliezer Dubiner
Herschel Dubiner
Moishe Dubiner
Sore (Mekler) Dubiner
Aidel Goldsztern
Golda Goldsztern
Josef Goldsztern
Pearl (Gorfinkel) Goldsztern
Tzvi Goldsztern
Esther Golubchik
Fagel Golubchik
Lazar Golubchik
Peshe (Mekler) Golubchik
Pinchus Golubchik
Yechail Golubchik
Mirka (Nowicki) Krimelewicz
— Krimelewicz
Beile Szocherman
Chanania Szocherman
Maishe Elie Szocherman
Perel Szocherman
Raizl (Perlmutter) Szocherman
Zlate Szocherman

The Golubchik family:  parents Yechail (third from left) and Peshe (second from right);
sons Lazar and Pinchus and daughters Esther and Fagel

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