Monday, March 25, 2024

My Father's Photos for National Peacock Day

I have written about how I recently received a photo bonanza from my sister.  Four years after my father passed away, my sister's niece finished scanning (or at least finished scanning a good portion of) the photos that were in my father's home.  My father was a semiprofessional photographer for many years and would take photos of just about anything and everything.

As I have been going through the photographs and attempting to identify people and places in them, I found many that were of various animals that apparently caught my father's eye.  I tried to figure out how I could go about posting and sharing them and discovered that there are many, many "national days" of more things than I had ever imagined.  So I decided to pair photos with national days when I could.

Today, March 25, is National Peacock Day.  There's a lovely informative page about the day with fun facts about peacocks and a list of 25 ways you can celebrate peacocks.  Believe it or not, #7 on the list is share photos of peacocks on social media.  Every now and then even I can follow instructions!

So here are the peacocks I found among my father's photos.  Unfortunately, my father was really bad about labeling his photos (I'm still working on all the cars), so I have no idea where or when he took these.  But at least they are absolutely recognizable as peacocks.  My best guess is a park in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, but I could be horribly wrong.

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