Friday, April 12, 2024

National Pet Day, April 11

Well, yes, I'm a day behind posting for National Pet Day, but I had really good intentions that were waylaid by being sick yesterday (and today even!).  But I love my pets, so I still wanted to honor and talk about them.  I have always had pets in my life, and I wouldn't know how to live without them.

A few years ago I suggested the topic of pets to Randy Seaver for a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge, which he decided to use.  I wrote about my furry and feathered children at that time in some detail.

Since that post, both Brandy and Frankie have passed away.  When Brandy was gone, it was obvious that Frankie was a lonely kitty, so I looked around for a new friend for him.  Someone was looking for a new home for her female Siamese.  I have been a sucker for Siameses ever since I was a kid, so I leapt in without asking enough questions.  Mimi turned out not to be a good companion cat for Frankie, as she is pretty much terrified of her own shadow.  It took a year for her to mostly become used to me, and she's still not comfortable around other people.  But she is a beautiful little girl, and she's a little more relaxed than she was, so I have faith she'll come around eventually, even if it takes another year or two.

Mr. Frankie never was the same without having a buddy, and I said goodbye to him this year.  He went to the vet on a regular basis for recurring problems, and everyone there misses him tremendously.

When I started going through the big photo bonanza that I received from my sister, I found a photograph my father took of me and all my babies (at the time) when he and my stepmother came out to California in 2004.  This seems like a good time to share it.

Me lying on the bed with Noodle barely visible in back,
Hank next to me, Sassy on the chair, and Kirby on the floor

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