Monday, January 31, 2011

Upcoming "Newspapers Online" Talk

Next Tuesday, February 8, I will present my talk on using online newspaper archives for genealogical research at the Oakland Regional Family History Center (ORFHC). The class is part of the Intermediate Genealogy Series presented jointly by the ORFHC and the California Genealogical Society. There will be some time after the class for hands-on practice in the library.

Newspapers can provide incredible amounts of information that will help your research. They can also give you a more complete picture of your family members by telling you more about their lives. Beyond the types of things you'd expect -- births, marriages, deaths -- I have also found job, military, relocation, hobbies, civic involvement, travel, naturalization, and arrest information, and more.


  1. If Janice is giving this talk, it will be so informative. She's a walking encyclopedia, ahem, newspaper. Wish I could be there. Linda Morzillo

  2. Thank you, Linda! Maybe sometime soon I can present my talk out on the East Coast.


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