Monday, March 7, 2011

"Many Roads" to Online Resources

A relatively new Web site has been adding many useful resources and links on a regular basis.  On the home page of "ManyRoads:  Rabideau-Henss Histories & Genealogy", Mark Rabideau says that "not only do we have information on hundreds of historical documents and genealogical sources, but we also have a library of images and texts that we freely share with our readers."  He isn't kidding!

Rabideau's focus is primarily East and West Prussia, but he also has information about other areas of Germany, lots of maps, videos, photos, transliterating Cyrillic, and more.  Some of the highlights:

Prussian history
Prussian directories
Photo galleries
Old German newspapers

Cyrillic transliteration
Genealogy and social networking technologies

This site is worth bookmarking and checking on a regular basis to see what else has been added.  Almost everything appears to be free.  The only items that currently require a paid membership (life membership for $20) are from 1896, 1902, and 1934.  The site says that payment is required due to copyright restrictions, though I don't understand what copyright could apply to something from 1896.

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