Sunday, February 12, 2012

How "Who Do You Think You Are?" Chooses Its Celebrities

The Investor's Business Daily blog has a short article about how Who Do You Think You Are? chooses the celebrities for its episodes.  It mentions how celebrities are coming to them to have the program work on their family histories.  It says the research is done beforehand and that not everyone has a story they deem worth telling, which we have heard about before, but also talks about some of what the celebrities go through to appear on the show.  The only celebrity I have heard named who was rejected for the show was Michael Parkinson, who was turned down for the British version of the program.  I wonder who the American producers have had to turn away?

It would appear that the reason this was covered on IDB was because is now publicly traded, as its stock exchange abbrevation is given a link.  An interesting note is a reference to the fact that WDYTYA had an increase in ratings last season, but no discussion about the lower ratings for this season's two episodes.

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