Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Genealogical Affiliation

I am proud to announce that based on my past experience with forensic genealogical research I have been accepted as a Junior Member in the new Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG).  The word "forensic" means relating to courts of law, so forensic genealogy is research that has legal implications.

A good portion of the genealogy research I do is for heir searches, where there is some sort of inheritance or property and someone is searching for the person or persons with the legal right to that property.  I have also conducted research for a U.S. Army contractor who searches for relatives of MIA Army personnel to try to verify the identity of recovered remains through DNA comparisons, and research to determine eligibility for citizenship.

I was told I have a strong background and that I do good work, but that I have great potential to do better and to broaden the range of my work.  I look forward to increasing my skills and to working with other members of CAFG on the Council's objectives.

I've been welcomed on the CAFG blog.


  1. Janice, we're proud to have you as a new member!

  2. Congratulations! That sounds like a perfect fit for you. I hope it is everything you hope :)
    --Kim Cotton

  3. Janice, congratulations! I'm hoping to someday be a member of the group, but I need to get some additional research under my belt.

  4. Thanks, Denise! I look forward to when you are able to join.

  5. Good for you! You didn't mention this when I saw you in January!!! Congratulations!

  6. Thank you, Sheri! I didn't mention it in January because I only received the news two days ago!


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