Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Genealogy Seminar February 22, 2014

University of the Pacific
The San Joaquin Genealogical Society is presenting a free seminar on Saturday, February 22, 2014 at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.  Cosponsored by the California State Genealogical Alliance and University of the Pacific's Jacoby Center for Public Service and Civic Leadership, this is a great opportunity to attend four interesting talks at no cost, hang out with other genealogists, and learn more about the Alliance.

The presentations and speakers will be:

• "Family Stories:  Genealogy beyond Just the Dates", by Linda Serna

• "Fun Tools to Help Genealogists Work Smarter", by Tim Cox

• "Researching Your Mexican Ancestors", by Letty Rodella

• "Reconstructing Family Information When You Start with Almost Nothing:  A Case Study", by yours truly

I'm looking forward to the event and hearing the other speakers.  They're all covering topics I haven't heard before.

Even though the event is free, registration is required to receive the packet of speaker handouts, and seating is limited to 180 attendees.  More information and the registration form are available online.

If you have any questions or cannot register online, contact Sheri Fenley at (209) 373-6847 or


  1. So, nothing is running concurrently? You can hear the other speakers too? That's great!

    Not asking for spoilers (even though I can't make the seminar), but just curious - is the "case study" you're discussing something from your own family research or from another family that you've dug around in?

    1. That's right, everything is consecutive, not concurrent, so I can go to all of the other talks. It's a nice opportunity.

      The case study is based on research I did for someone else's family over the course of several years.


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