Sunday, April 26, 2015

Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: A Favorite Family Photograph

Randy's challenge this week for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun was to post a favorite family photograph and tell about who is in it:

1)  Show us one of your favorite photographs of your family - a group, yourself, your mom, your dad, your sibling(s), your grandparents, etc.  Tell us about it - the date, the event, the setting, the persons in the photograph.

I'm only a few hours late!  But this was an easy choice for me, especially with the inspiration of Randy's four-generation photo.

This is one of the few five-generation photos I have for my family.

Date:  Probably 1982, because the baby was born in March 1982.

Event:  Just the fact that five generations were together was probably enough, but maybe also to celebrate the new baby.

Setting:  I don't know, but probably my cousin's or my aunt's home.  (I need to ask my cousin!)

Persons, left to right:

Anna Gauntt Stradling (1893–1986), my paternal grandmother, mother of Ruth Stradling Appleton

Ruth Carrie Stradling Appleton (1914–1984), my father's oldest half-sister and my aunt, mother of Ruth Anne Appleton

Forrest Ronald Appleton, my first cousin once removed, father of Forrest Ronald Appleton II

Ruth Anne Appleton, my first cousin, mother of Forrest Ronald Appleton

Forrest Ronald Appleton II, my first cousin twice removed

Now that I've noted all the years, I realized that this photo is even more special, because only two years later my aunt passed away, followed two years after that by my grandmother.  I'm glad they took this photo when they did!

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  1. And my cousin comes through: The photo was taken at my aunt's home in Taylor Falls, Minnesota.


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