Saturday, May 30, 2015

Slaves Listed in 1839 Virginia Will

My cousin recently told me she had discovered that one of her ancestors had bequeathed several slaves in his will.  She has allowed me to recover their names and list them here, and I am adding them to the Slave Name Roll Project.  I hope that sharing these names may help someone find an ancestor.

"I Benjamin Wood of the County of Harrison and State of Virginia do hereby make my last will and Testament . . .

"I give my daughter Sarah Rogers and her hur [sic] Heirs forever the following Slaves to wit
Caroline & Patsey

"and I give to my daughter Amelia Wood and her Heirs forever Slaves
Nancy and her child now at the breast and
Catherine and their future increase

"and I give to my daughter Ann Bogges and her heirs forever the following Slaves to wit
Lucinda and
Gabriel and their future increase forever . . .

"I further will and desire that the following Slaves be sold by my Executor at publick or private sale as he may think best to wit
Willis and
and out of the proceeds of the sale that my Executor pay to the surviving children of my Daughter Elizabeth Robinson Deceased six hundred dollars . . .

"in witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 5th day of January in the year of our Lord 1839"


  1. Thank you! I've added a link to this post to the Slave Name Roll Project.

  2. Thank You Janice! Wonderful.....So glad this is being done.

    1. You are welcome, True! I am happy I am able to help share the information with others.

  3. Apologies for the very late reply to an old post, but I am pretty sure this Benjamin Wood of Harrison Co. VA is an ancestor of mine as well. I would be very interested in seeing this will or any other information about his family.

    1. I'll check with my cousin to make sure it's ok to share the files she sent.

    2. If she'd prefer, your cousin would be welcome to edit Benjamin Wood's WikiTree profile directly:

    3. I will forward her the WikiTree information. In the meantime, send your e-mail address to me at, and I will be happy to send you the scanned pages of Wood's will.


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