Sunday, March 18, 2012

Different Channel for "Who Do You Think You Are?" in San Francisco Area This Week

I learned today that the NBC affiliate in the San Francisco Bay area will not broadcast Who Do You Think You Are? this coming Friday, March 23.  KNTV will instead air a spring training game between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers.  We will, however, be able to see Helen Hunt on KICU, channel 36 (#6 on Oakland cable and I think on most other systems in the area).  (KICU will also air the new episode of Grimm following Who Do You Think You Are?; I love Grimm!).  This is an interesting arrangement, considering that KICU, an independent station that is owned by the same company that owns the local Fox station, will be broadcasting NBC programs.  But as long as they've worked it all out and I get to watch my shows, it sounds good to me.

My thanks to Judy Baston of the Jewish Community Library, who alerted me to this "change of venue."


  1. My father and his father followed the Orange Order and marched every year. How can I find a members list to include in my ancestors tree, we're there Headleys or Hadley fighting with king billy

    1. I am guessing that you are writing in regard to the account book for William's army, which I blogged about at The BBC article discussing the book was published in 2009, and it said that the book had already been given to the Orange Order. So the best way to find out what information there might be about your ancestors will be to contact the Orange Order directly. Their site is


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