Sunday, October 26, 2014

September 2014 Issue of "The Galitzianer" Mailing Soon

I was so excited about starting to catch up on The Galitzianer schedule in July, but I was foiled on this issue by having to wait for some material I had no control over.  It's currently at the printer and will be mailed soon.  Ah, well, there's always the December issue.  And at least I haven't fallen further behind!

This issue of The G has interesting articles, as always.  Among them, the "Research Corner" discusses several newly discovered records from different parts of Galicia.  The "Preservationist's Corner" talks about ongoing efforts in Przemyśl to preserve and maintain what remains of Jewish heritage.  A doctoral student from Rzeszów University is searching for letters and other documents from Sanok that will help illustrate the community history of this shtetl.  A list of 39 religious schools that were closed, including 18 schools in Skała, gives the names of the teachers of those classes.  And a "Family Album" story includes documentation of a son who was left in Europe to recover from pinkeye while the rest of his family immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island; the young boy caught up to his family a few months later.

Members of Gesher Galicia receive The Galitzianer as a benefit of membership.  Gesher Galicia is a nonprofit organization focused on researching Jews and Jewish life in the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia.  A list of member benefits is available online.  Information on becoming a member can be found here.

I accept submissions for The Galitzianer from both members and nonmembers, and I enjoy reading every one.  Would you like to share research techniques you used to learn more about your relatives?  Have you been successful in obtaining Jewish community or notary records?  Perhaps you traveled recently to your ancestral Galician shtetl and would like to write about your experience.  Historical and recent pictures, lists, and book and movie reviews are also welcome.

If your submission is published, you will receive a copy of the issue even if you are not a member.  Submissions may be articles and/or graphics, both original and previously published, and must be relevant to Galician Jewish genealogical research:  articles about recent trips to Galicia, reports on your own research, historical and recent pictures, etc.  Electronic submissions are preferred, though not required.  If you wish to submit material for consideration, please contact me at  I accept submissions year-round, but the deadline for the December 2014 issue is November 20.

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