Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Issue of "The Baobab Tree"

It's still autumn, right?  That means the fall issue of The Baobab Tree was published on time!  I'm stilll working on getting it out a little earlier, but I'm getting closer.

This issue has fewer articles than usual, but they're longer.  Nicka Smith, one of my fellow board members for the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California, has written about a promise she made to a cousin to find out what happened to his brother in Louisiana, her unfinished search, and the importance of searching even when it is unsuccessful.  The second article discusses a wonderful archival discovery — a letter that mentioned an ancestor and how he contributed to his community in Ohio.  And I shared information about a powerful 18th-century poem written by an abolitionist, a poem that is freely available online.

So are you a member of AAGSNC?  If so, you should be receiving your fall issue soon.  If not, have you considered joining?  Visit our Web site and become a member, and you'll get a copy also.

Have you written about your family research and discoveries?  Articles for The Baobab Tree are accepted from both members and nonmembers.  If you submit an article that is published, you will receive a copy of the issue with your article even if you are not a member.  Submissions may be articles, reviews, graphics, or almost anything genealogy-related, both original and previously published, and must be relevant to black family history research.  Submission guidelines for The Baobab Tree, including deadlines, are available online.  And I'm an easy editor to work with!

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