Thursday, May 24, 2018

Events in My Family Tree: May 15

Vibilia is an interesting and unusual name.  I wonder if it was recorded correctly.


Faber Sellers, son of Tobias Sellers and Elizabeth Faber, was born May 15, 1812 in Franconia, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  He is my 1st cousin 4x removed.

Vibilia Amanda Sellers, daughter of Alexander Sellers and Lavinia Coppelberger, was born May 15, 1853, probably in Pennsylvania.  She is my 3rd cousin 3x removed.

Sarah Ann Williamson, daughter of Amos Williamson and Rebecca Armstrong, was born May 15, 1854 in Medford Township, Burlington County, New Jersey.  She is my 1st cousin 4x removed via the Armstrongs.

Levi Calvin Ault was born May 15, 1885 in Jay County, Indiana.  He was married to Hazel Pearl Gaunt, daughter of Ross B. Gaunt and Mary Ann Dale, who is my 4th cousin 2x removed.

Henry Bauch Sellers, son of Orlando Bach Sellers and Sarah Amelia Springer, was born May 15, 1900 in Pennsylvania.  He is my 5th cousin once removed.

Alice Louise Gaunt, daughter of Lewis Allen Gaunt and Opal Esther Westrick, was born May 15, 1922 in Indiana.  She is my 4th cousin 2x removed.

Treva Elizabeth Caldwell, daughter of John Calhoun Caldwell and Treva Louise Gaunt, was born May 15, 1938 in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.  She is my 6th cousin via the Gaunts.

Joyce L. Tessin was born May 15, 1962 in Michigan.  She is my 6th cousin once removed on my Gauntt line.

Joann Therese Lore was born May 15, 1975 in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware.  She is my 1st cousin once removed on my Sellers line.

Jenna Bresge was born May 15, 1998, possibly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  She is my 4th cousin on my Meckler line.


Anna Gill West died May 15, 1922 at the age of 57 in Philadelphia, Phladelphia County, Pennsylvania.  She was married to George Washington French Gaunt, son of John Gaunt and Elizabeth Colson French, who is my 4th cousin 3x removed.

Oliver Franklin Clark, son of Oren Wilson Clark and Anna G. Gaunt, died May 15, 1988 at the age of 79 in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California.  He is my 4th cousin 2x removed via the Gaunts.

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