Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Historical Irish Newspapers Online

Irish Newspaper Archives says it is the largest online database of Irish newspapers, with more than 30 titles from all over the country.  The archive covers the 1700's through the present and offers researchers (including genealogists), students, and general users access to a wealth of Irish history and news.  The archive includes national, regional, and out-of-print titles.  Regional and local titles are a particularly good resource for those interested in genealogical research and local history investigations.

Most titles in the archive have never been open to the public in this format before.  Access will be free from September through December of this year.  For institutions, INA can provide usage statistics during the promotional period to allow an accurate gauge of usage.

This looks like a goldmine for research.  I'm going to be looking for family in Belfast and in the counties of Cork, Monaghan, Offaly, Sligo, and Roscommon.  How about you?

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