Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Search for Photos of Fallen Firefighters

Tim Werle, a Los Angeles firefighter, is looking for photos of seven L.A. firefighters who died in the line of duty.  The Los Angeles Fire Department training center has photos of all its fallen except these seven.  Here is his message:

I am a firefighter in the City of Los Angeles and over the years of our existence a number of great men have lost their lives in the line of duty. We have a hall at our training center that has photos of them all with the exception of just a few. I am wondering how genealogy, record searches, and the Internet can help us find a photo of these great men so that we may give them the honor they are due.

The names of the fallen (each name has a link to the stories and newsprint associated with the individual):

Fireman Monroe C. Karn
Engine Company No. 54
Appointed April 1, 1924
Died July 21, 1944
Market fire
6700 West Boulevard
At 11:33 p.m. on March 28, 1944, Engine 54 responded to a fire in a large market.  All members suffered severe exposure to ammonia fumes, heat and smoke.  Karn went off-duty ill April 1 and died July 21.

Fireman Elin Imbs
Engine Company No. 46
A Platoon
Appointed August 21, 1914
Died July 2, 1940
Cardiac arrest at fire.
4710 South Vermont Avenue

Auto Fireman Paul M. Shapro
Engine Company No. 22
Appointed August 7, 1918
Died April 5, 1936
Cardiac arrest while sliding pole responding to false alarm at 41st Street and Broadway.

Fireman Harry Louis Tree
Truck Company No. 4
at Engine Company 29
Appointed June 16, 1922
Died March 21, 1929
Fall from Truck 4
Intersection of Beverly and Western

Fireman Harry C. Powell
Engine Company No. 9
Appointed March 1, 1918
Died November 19, 1922
Crushed between apparatus and Pacific Electric streetcar while laying a line at fire.
808 West 10th Street

Fireman Adolph Hermanson
Engine Company No. 10
Died December 30, 1906
Fell from fifth floor window during structure fire.
216 South Los Angeles Street

Call Fireman Sam Haskins
Engine Company No. 2
Appointed 1892
Died November 19, 1895
Died of injuries sustained while responding to fire.

If you can help, leave a response at the blog of Susan Farrell Bankhead, Tim Werle's mother.  My thanks to Susan for posting this request and telling people about it.


  1. I saw your question on my Grandfather Paul M Shapro, I am currently trying to find his picture. Not much is kept in my family but if I can get it I will contact you. Thanks for caring. Frieda Mayne

    1. Thank you for writing. I hope you are able to find the photograph.


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