Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Does anyone have an idea when the dress dates from?

  2. No idea about the dress. And what about that veil-crown? It's wonderful. That looks like a family heirloom sort of thing.

    What's the heritage of this couple? For some reason, my brain is saying "Greek" but I bet that's wrong.

  3. The crown is beautiful. Maybe that dates to a specific period as well? As far as I know, the couple is Jewish.

  4. I suspect this couple was married in the U.S., so probably American.

  5. The head piece looks a lot like the one my mother wore for her wedding in 1941. Unfortunately the only photo I have is very bad so I can't see any details, but it is about the same size and shape.

    1. That fits with my admittedly broad dating of the dress, which I thought kind of looked like 1940's, but I don't know that era very well (my knowledge mostly drops off after the 1920's).


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