Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Online Archive of Brooklyn Photographs

Walter Silverman
As a great complement to the collection of New York City images that have been posted online, we now have Brooklyn Visual Heritage.  This collaboration between the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, and Brooklyn Historical Society makes 19th- and 20th-century photographs and other materials available to the public.  The photos are browsable by collection, such as the 1977 blackout, Brooklyn Dodgers, and Prohibition; and by subject, such as Brooklyn College, Salvation Army, and accordionists (!).  The blog highlights various topics, such as Burton Turkus and the Murder Inc. trials.  There is also a search function (for example, "Jewish" turned up 220 results), plus an advanced search.  Most images on the site are low-resolution and watermarked; higher-resolution, nonwatermarked images are available from the archives, sometimes free and sometimes for a cost.  The site appears to have about 12,000 images.

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