Saturday, January 20, 2018

Events in My Family Tree: January 19

Still catching up to the past few dates of family events.  This is the first calendar date for which one of my relatives chose a birth date as a wedding date.  I know I have at least two more instances of this in my family, which will appear in June and December.  I wonder how many there will be by the end of the year?


William Franklin Sellers, son of William H. Sellers and Nancy L. Derr, was born January 19, 1860, possibly in Pennsylvania.  He is my 4th cousin 3x removed.

Austin Joseph Gaynor, son of John Francis Gaynor and Wally Mary Ruppert, was born January 19, 1910 in New Jersey.  He is the granduncle of my half-sister Laurie Sellers.

James Marshall Allen, son of Clarence Allen and Agnes Viola Ledger, was born January 19, 1931.  He is my 5th cousin through my Gauntt line.

Susan Renee Bonifas, daughter of Joseph W. Bonifas and Delores Gilbert, was born January 19, 1952.  She is my 6th cousin once removed through my Gauntt line.

Blaze Vinton Alexander, son of Phillip Charles Alexander and Jessie Ozley Easlick, was born January 19, 1956 in Mount Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey.  He is my 4th cousin once removed on my Gauntt line via the Easlicks.

Onix Casas
Onix Casas was born January 19, 1968 in Habana, Cuba.  She is my 4th cousin once removed through my Nowicki line.

Rachel Shifra Birnboim was born January 19, 1976 in Albany, Albany County, New York.  She is my 4th cousin through my Meckler line.

Gail Kardish was born January 19, 1979 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  She is my 3rd cousin through my Gorodetsky line.

Baby Boy Sellers was born January 19, 1981 in Manhattan, New York County, New York.  He is my nephew.


Thomas Edward Gauntt, son of William Bounds Gaunt and Rebecca Zulker, and Edna Michalis were married on January 19, 1952.  He is my 4th cousin once removed.

Don Leo McStroul, son of Leo Martin McStroul and Edith , and Laurielyn Mackenzie Kilgour were married on January 19, 1980, possibly in Oregon.  He is the brother of my aunt Mary McStroul.

Onix Casas
Jorge Luis Moreno and Onix Casas were married on January 19, 1991, possibly in Habana, Cuba.  Onix, who chose her birthday (see above) for her wedding date, is still my 4th cousin once removed.

William Oliver Gauntt, Jr. and Tammy Sue Copeland were married on January 19, 1991 in DeSoto County, Florida.  He is my 2nd cousin.

Jason Dale Preisner and Tawnee Jessica Wolford were marrked on January 19, 2003 in Oroville, Butte County, California.  He is the nephew of my aunt Mary McStroul.


Lillie Sellers, daughter of Samuel Sellers and Elizabeth Barton, died January 19, 1880 at the age of almost 7 in Allen or Auglaize County, Ohio.  She is my 4th cousin 3x removed.

Nathaniel Barker, son of Walter Barker and Carrie Bell Crawford, died January 19, 1967 at the age of 28 in Upson County, Georgia.  He is the 1st cousin 2x removed of my not-quite-cousin Angela Williams.

Anna Gauntt
Anna Gauntt, daughter of James Kirkland Gauntt and Jane Dunstan, died January 19, 1986 at the age of 93 in Lindstrom, Chisago County, Minnesota.  She is my paternal grandmother.

Earl Forrest Phillips, son of Cecil Thurman Phillips and Martha Ann Surran, died January 19, 2009 at the age of 57 in Lawrenceburg, Anderson County, Kentucky.  He is my 4th cousin through my Gauntt line.

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