Sunday, January 28, 2018

Events in My Family Tree: January 25

Whoops!  I'm falling behind again!  That wasn't supposed to happen.  I'll just have to work harder to catch up.  I thought it was interesting that a father and daughter have the same birthday in this list.


Hananiah Selah Gaunt, son of Hananiah Gaunt and Rebecca Mulliner, was born January 25, 1795 in Burlington County, New Jersey.  He is my 3rd great-grandfather.

Samuel Gaunt, Jr., son of Samuel Gaunt, Sr. and Achsah Taylor, was born January 25, 1797, probably in New Jersey.  He is my 2nd cousin 5x removed.

Matilda Moser was born January 25, 1821.  She was married to Jason F. Longanecker, son of Joseph Longanecker and Sarah Mack, who is my 3rd cousin 4x removed through the Macks.

Anna Elizabeth P. Gaunt, daughter of the above-mentioned Hananiah Selah Gaunt and Abigail Atkinson, was born January 25, 1837, probably in Burlington County, New Jersey.  She is my 2nd great-grandaunt.

Judy Axelrod was born January 25, 1946 in Matanzas, Matanzas, Cuba.  She is married to Harold Yngber, son of Jose Yngber and Ida Jakowszycka, who is the 1st cousin of Sam Socherman, one of my Cuban cousins.

Marie Gaunt, daughter of Harvey J. Gaunt, Jr. and his first wife, was born January 25, 1951.  She is my 3rd cousin.

Hilary A. Bidwell was born January 25, 1967 in Alameda County, California.  She is my 7th cousin via my Sellers line.

Kevin Patrick Wickham was born January 25, 1979 in Honolulu, Oahu County, Hawaii.  He is the 3rd cousin of my half-sister Laurie Sellers.


Jacob L. Mack, son of Jacob Mack and Catharine Longanecker, and Hannah Young were married on January 25, 1877.  Jacob is my 3rd cousin 4x removed.

Edward Lee Gaunt, son of Arthur Lee Gaunt and Rachel Lavinia Stutsman, and Ethyl Fay Davison were married on January 25, 1913 in Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana.  Edward is my 4th cousin 2x removed.


Leah Crumrine died January 25, 1898 at the age of about 63 in Auglaize County, Ohio.  She was married to Joseph Sellers, son of John Leonard Sellers and Elizabeth Wenger, who is my 3rd cousin 4x removed.

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