Friday, July 9, 2021

Events in My Family Tree: July 6

I was living in Los Angeles in 1985, so if I had known my cousin Samuel Kushner then, I could have driven to the wedding (if I were invited, of course).


Myrtle Lydia Allen, daughter of William Daily Allen and Fannie Goldsboro Brown, was born July 6, 1911 in New Jersey, probably in Burlington County.  She is my 5th cousin on my Gauntt line through the Allens.

Lois Elisabeth Higgins, daughter of Ervie Oscar Higgins and Elizabeth Opal Gaunt, was born July 6, 1923 in Live Oak, Sutter County, California.  She is my 5th cousin once removed via the Gaunts.

Harriet Sharon Gordon, daughter of Sidney Gordon and Beatrice Roll, was born July 6, 1947 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.  She is my 1st cousin once removed on my Gordon line.


Abel A. Armstrong, son of Stacy Biddle Armstrong and Lydia Smith Haines, and Anna Liepic were married July 6, 1933 in Burlington, Burlington County, New Jersey.  Abel is my 1st cousin once removed on my Armstrong line.

Richard Hacker and Neva Perlman, daughter of Murray Elliot Perlman and Helen Ruth Greenebaum, were married July 6, 1976 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.  Neva is my 4th cousin on my Nowicki line through the Perlmans.

Samuel Sidney Kushner, son of George Kushner and Ruth Rebecca Segal, and Kathleen M. Fisher were married July 6, 1985 in San Bernardino County, California.  Samuel is my 4th cousin on my Meckler line through the Kushners.

Robert Eric Socherman and Darcia Joy McDaniel were married July 6, 2008 in Multnomah County, Oregon.  Robert is my 4th cousin once removed.


Blanche Gaunt, daughter of Lewis Cass Gaunt and Mary A. Kindlesparger, died July 6, 1948 in Indiana at the age of 73.  She is my 3rd cousin 3x removed via the Gaunts.

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