Sunday, August 1, 2021

Some Things Never Change

As I have been writing my "family events" posts for the blog, I sometimes pause to do some quick research to see if I can quickly find a full birth location, wedding date, or something similar for which I currently have incomplete information.  And sometimes the records I find yield the desired information plus a little extra.

If you're having trouble reading the handwriting, it says:

Do Not Publish
Pregnancy Quite Noticeable
only on gal of course

This marriage took place in October 1939 in Indiana.

The marriage license application did provide the information I was seeking, along with this tidbit.  I don't know if I have a record of the child, because no one fits the timeframe of the pregnancy, as the family is constructed so far.  It's possible the child didn't survive, or was given a future-dated birthdate for public consumption.


  1. Interesting notations! "Only on gal of course" - hope you find a later-dated birth record.

    1. Thanks, Marian! I also love the last part of the comment!


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