Monday, August 16, 2021

Events in My Family Tree: August 16

Since Louis Perlman and Jennie Novitsky were1st cousins once removed, does that make Frances Perlman her own cousin?


Hannah Davis was born August 16, 1834 in Columbiana County, Ohio.  She was the wife of John Gaunt, son of Benjamin Gaunt and Mary Sheets, who is my 2nd cousin 4x removed via the Gaunts.

Robert Price Yount was born August 16, 1916 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.  He was the husband of Catherine Allean Hutson, daughter of Earl Morris Hutson and Catherine Corenne Utley, who is my 6th cousin once removed on my Gauntt line through the Hutsons.

Edna Louise Flynn, daughter of Roscoe Sherman Flynn and Edna May Gauntt, was born August 16, 1921 in Burlington County, New Jersey.  She is my 1st cousin once removed on my Gauntt line.


Robert Barclay Gaunt, son of Samuel Gaunt, Jr. and Ann Horner, and Harriet Prickett were married August 16, 1862 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  Robert is my 3rd cousin 4x removed via the Gaunts.

Isaac Krebs, son of Simon Krebs and Dorothea Schiffer, and Frederika Weiss, daughter of Simon Weiss and Gütel Goldmann, were married August 16, 1871 in Peiskretscham, Obersilesia, Prussia.  They are the great-grandparents of my aunt Mary McStroul.

Jeffrey David Gordon and Beverlee Kaye Berry were married August 16, 1986 in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California.  Jeff is my 2nd cousin once removed.


Frances Perlman, daughter of Louis Perlman and Jennie Novitsky, died August 16, 1994 in Great Neck, Nassau County, New York at the age of 80.  She is my 1st cousin 2x removed via the Novitskys.

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