Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Events in My Family Tree: November 2

I suspect that Schaefer might not have been Marie's maiden name, but so far I'm stuck on finding out more about her beyond her birth date.


Anna Heath McStroul, daughter of Eugene Washington McStroul and Elizabeth Almire Heath, was born November 22, 1944 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York.  She is the sister of my aunt Mary McStroul and her sister Jean McStroul and the aunt of my 1st cousin Todd Meckler and my not-quite-cousin Angela Williams.

Mark Steven Gauntt, son of Edward Harry Gauntt and Marie Gloria T. Schaefer, was born November 2, 1947, probably in New Jersey.  He is my 5th cousin on my Gauntt line.


Joel Richard Kent, Jr. and Laura Lynn Sellers, daughter of Bertram Lynn Sellers, Jr. and Mary Lou Jocelyn Bowen, were married November 2, 1974 in Falsington, Bucks County, Pennsylania.  Laura is my half-sister on my Sellers line.


George Washington Gantt, son of John Gaunt/Gantt and Rachel Carl, died November 2, 1905 in Jefferson County, Nebraska at the age of 62.  He is my 2nd cousin 4x removed via the Gaunts.

Harold Yorkes Mantell died November 2, 2007 in Lumberton, Burlington County, New Jersey at the age of 95.  He was the husband of Gladys Mabel Allen, daughter of William Daily Allen and Fannie Goldsboro Brown, who is my 5th cousin on my Gauntt line through the Allens.

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