Monday, November 8, 2021

Events in My Family Tree: November 7

I never noticed until today that Elmer and Laura were married on Elmer's birthday.  I wonder if that was done as a gesture to him because he was taking on the responsibility of helping her raise the 7-month-old son (my grandfather) she came to the marriage with.


Cornelius Elmer Sellers was born November 7, 1874 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  He was the adoptive father of my paternal grandfather and the first husband of Laura May Armstrong, daughter of Joel Armstrong and Sarah Ann Deacon Lippincott, who is my great-grandmother.

Lee Gaunt, son of Walter Clayton Gaunt and Lulu May Sherman, was born November 7, 1909 in Jay County, Indiana.  He is my 5th cousin 1x removed via the Gaunts.

Kathleen Anne Easlick, daughter of Vinton Thompson Easlick and Beulah Anna Elizabeth Bozarth, was born November 7, 1927 in New Jersey, probably in Mount Holly, Burlington County.  She is my 4th cousin on my Gauntt line through the Easlicks.

Mary Linden Smith was born November 7, 1949 in Northport, Suffolk County, New York.  She is the wife of William David Perlman, son of Morton Eli Perlman and Doris Bash, who is my 2nd cousin 1x removed on my Nowicki line through the Perlmans.

Elliott Howard Leven, son of David Leven and Esther Garfinkel, was born November 7, 1961 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  He is my 3rd cousin 1x removed on my Meckler line via the Garfinkels.

Stacey Ellen Bernstein was born November 7, 1964.  She is my 2nd cousin 1x removed.

Melanie Allen was born November 7, 1968.  She is my 5th cousin 1x removed.

Chase Clouser was born November 7, 1982.  He is my 3rd cousin.


Cornelius Elmer Sellers and Laura May Armstrong, daughter of Joel Armstrong and Sarah Ann Deacon Lippincott, were married November 7, 1903 in Mount Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey.  And Laura is still my great-grandmother.


Don Leo McStroul, son of Eugene Washington McStroul and Elizabeth Almira Heath, died November 7, 2002 in Portland, Multnonah County, Oregon.  He is the brother of my aunt Mary McStroul and her sister Jean McStroul and the maternal uncle of my 1st cousin Todd Meckler and my not-quite-cousin Angela Williams.

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