Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Events in My Family Tree: June 14

Now I'm seriously wondering about superstitions about the 13th, because the number of weddings jumped back up for the 14th.


Bertha Gauntt, daughter of Thomas Kirkland Gauntt and Jane Dunstan, was born June 14, 1895 in Camden, Camden County, New Jersey.  She is my grandaunt on my Gauntt line.

Loran Clarence Gaunt, son of Clarence Meridith Gaunt and Mary Grace Stewart, was born June 14, 1915 in Kings County, California.  He is my 4th cousin 2x removed via the Gaunts.

Victor Bernstein, son of Sam Bernstein and Rose Gordon, was born June 14, 1931 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.  He is my 1st cousin 2x removed via the Gordons.

Clara Eve Mullens was born June 14, 1952.  She was the second wife of Clarence Gilbert Lore, son of Clarence Newcomb Lore and Dorothy Mae Sellers, who is my half 1st cousin via the Sellerses.

Kim Perlman, daughter of Murray Elliot Perlman and Helen Ruth Greenebaum, was born June 14, 1956 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.  She is my 4th cousin on my Nowicki line through the Perlmans.

Adam Jordan Lederman was born June 14, 1991.  He is my 3rd cousin.


Cyrus Kunze Allen, Jr., son of Cyrus Kunze Allen and Hannah Ann Gaunt, and Clara Barton Shinn were married June 14, 1883 in Bordentown, Burlington County, New Jersey.  Cyrus Jr. is my 3rd cousin 2x removed via the Gaunts.

Dayton G. Frake and Alice E. Gaunt, daughter of Benjamin Gaunt and Mary Elizabeth Sever, were married June 14, 1905 in Mount Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey.  Alice is my half 2nd cousin 2x removed via the Gaunts.

Chaim Avraham Birnboim, son of Menashe Birnboim and Sophie Garfinkel, and Shirley Hirt were married on June 14, 1959 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Chaim is my 3rd cousin once removed on my Mekler line through the Garfinkels.

Also married on June 14, 1959, although in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, were Richard C. Blum and Camille Andrea Schwartz, daughter of Harry A. Schwartz and Florence Deutsch.  Camille is the 2nd cousin of my dear cousin Esther Garfinkel on her Ajzner line through the Schwartzes.

Samuel M. Socherman, son of William Socherman and Anna Tania Jakowszycka, and Lourdes Maria Martinez were married June 14, 1981 in Miami-Dade County, Florida.  Sam is my 4th cousin on my Nowicki line through the Sochermans.


Hananiah S. Gaunt, son of Isaac Gaunt and Susannah Webb, died June 14, 1900 in New Jersey at the age of 80.  He is my 1st cousin 4x removed via the Gaunts.

Hananiah Selah Gaunt, son of Hananiah Selah Gaunt and Abigail Atkinson, died June 14, 1901, probably in New Jersey, at the age of 55.  He is my great-great-granduncle on my Gauntt line, and the 1st cousin of Hananiah S. Gaunt, above, who died one year to the day before him.

Frieda Schneiderman, daughter of Sam Schneiderman and Annie Rachel Petranovsky, died June 14, 1995 in New York at the age of 87.  She is my 1st cousin 3x removed on my Schneiderman line.

Thomas Gerald Allen, son of Elwood Lambert Allen and Beatrice Graham, died June 14, 1999, possibly in Bordentown, Burlington County, New Jersey.  He is my 5th cousin on my Gauntt line through the Allens.

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