Saturday, June 19, 2021

Events in My Family Tree: June 16

I have quite a few more marriages for June 16 in my database, but for the Sellers family prior to my grandfather, which I'm not posting about anymore.  But they do maintain June as a busy wedding month.


Susannah H. Gaunt, daughter of Hananiah Selah Gaunt and Mary Elizabeth Rose, was born June 16, 1826, probably in New Jersey.  She is my half-great-great-grandaunt via the Gaunts.

Georgia Grace Gaunt, daughter of Walter Clayton Gaunt and Lulu May Sherman, was born June 16, 1904 in Portland, Jay County, Indiana.  She is my 5th cousin once removed via the Gaunts.

Lawrence Joseph Gauntt, son of Joseph L. Gauntt and Rebecca Elizabeth Coverly, was born June 16, 1907 in New Jersey, likely in Burlington County.  He is my 4th cousin once removed on my Gauntt line.

Abram Gorodetsky, son of Aron Gorodetsky and Gittel, was also born June 16, 1907 (Gregorian), but far away in Beltsy, Bessarabia, Russian Empire.  He is my likely 1st cousin 3x removed on my Gorodetsky line.

Deanna Clark, daughter of Charles Ruben Clark and Dorthea Virginia Lynch, was born June 16, 1947 in Indiana.  She is my 5th cousin once removed on my Gauntt line through the Clarks.

Stacy Ann Sellers was born June 16, 1964.  She is my sister.


Walter Williamson, son of Isaac S. Williamson and Ella J., and Maude Smith were married June 16, 1911 in Medford, Burlington County, New Jersey.  Walter is my 2nd cousin 3x removed on my Armstrong line through the Williamsons.

William Ralph Fowler, Jr. and Stacy Ann Sellers were married June 16, 1990.  Stacy is my sister and got married on her birthday (above).


Hosie Malone, son of Charlie Malone and Hattie Crawford, died June 16, 1936 in Columbua, Muscogee County, Georgia at the age of about 24.  He is the 1st cousin 2x removed of Angela Williams on her Crawford line.  Angela is the niece of my aunt Mary McStroul.

William Lippincott Gaunt, son of Benjamin Franklin Gaunt and Mary A. Woolman, died June 16, 1938 in Beach Haven, Ocean County, New Jersey at the age of 49.  He is my 3rd cousin 2x removed via the Gaunts.

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