Friday, May 19, 2017

Ever Wanted to Run an Italian Castle?

The 103 historic properties available
This may be your chance.  Italy is making more than 100 historic castles, farmhouses, and monasteries available to entrepreneurs in an effort to revitalize the unused buildings.  (Maybe one of the sites has a connection to your family?)  The program, called Cammini e Percorsi (I'm thinking of it as "Highways and Byways", although that's not entirely accurate), is being handled by Italy's Agenzia del Demanio ("Agency for State Property") and is backed by the Ministry of Tourism.  The 103 properties are located along eight historic transportation routes throughout the mainland and in Sicily and Sardinia.  The goal is to have the buildings transformed into facilities that will be used by tourists, hikers, bikers, and pilgrims.  (Hey, what about genealogists?)

If you want to take a shot, you will need to submit a proposal outlining how you will transform your desired location into a tourist destination.  Preference is being given to individuals under 40 years of age, although those of us over 40 are not excluded from applying.

You don't actually get title to the building, sorry.  You will have the right to run it for nine years, with an option for an additional nine years.

The deadline to submit your proposal is June 26, 2017.  It is expected that work will begin next summer.

For more information (all in Italian, although the top of the page proclaims "English Version...Coming Soon"), visit  And let me know if you win one of the contracts!

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