Thursday, September 2, 2021

Events in My Family Tree: August 30

They've been gone several years now, but I still miss Harold and Ruth..  They were wonderful people.


Carolyn Ann Clark, daughter of Neil Gaunt Clark and Wilma Elizabeth Norris, was born August 30, 1934 in Elwood, Madison County, Indiana.  She is my 5th cousin once removed on my Gauntt line through the Clarks.

Victor Sigmund Perlman, son of Rubin Perlman and Miriam Kramer, was born August 30, 1945 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.  He is my 2nd cousin once removed on my Nowicki line through the Perlmans.

Charlene Suzanne Allen, daughter of William Ledger Allen and Edna Hankins, was born August 30, 1946, possibly in New Jersey.  She is my 5th cousin once removed on my Gauntt line through the Allens.

Kim Caplan was born August 30, 1972.  She is my 3rd cousin.


John Gaunt, son of Benjamin Gaunt and Mary Sheets, and Hannah Davis were married August 30, 1866 in Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio.  John is my 2nd cousin 4x removed via the Gaunts.

Harold Edwin Dunn, Jr. and Ruth Clara Ellis, daughter of Levi Ellis and Carrie Florence Gauntt, were married August 30, 1957 in Mount Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey.  Ruth is my 1st cousin once removed via the Gauntts.

David Abbott Clark, son of Gilbert Lewis Clark and Helen Opal Abbott, and Nancy Kohl Hitt were married August 30, 1969 in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas.  David is my 5th cousin once removed on my Gauntt line through the Clarks.

David Charles Alter and Abby Jennifer Bernstein were married August 30, 1999 on Long Island, New York.  Abby is my 2nd cousin once removed.


Lewis E. Claycomb, son of George F. Claycomb and Hannah Holmes Gaunt, died August 30, 1858, probably in Jay County, Indiana, at the age of 7.  He is my 3rd cousin 3x removed via the Gaunts.

Jimmy Richard Crawford, son of Preston Crawford and Annie Mariah Dixon, died August 30, 2005 in Midland, Muscogee County, Georgia at the age of 65.  He is the 2nd cousin once removed of my not-quite-cousin Angela Williams.

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