Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Events in My Family Tree: October 27

I still love the name Dickensheets!


Henry George Dickensheets, son of George W. Dickensheets and Albertine P. Gaunt, was born October 27, 1883 in Gloucester, Camden County, New Jersey.  He is my 4th cousin 2x removed via the Gaunts.

Robert Francis Pellek was born October 27, 1946 in Somerset County, New Jersey, possibly in Bernardsville.  He is the husband of Janet Irene Ellis, daughter of Russell Oliver Ellis and Irene Elise Crater, who is my 2nd cousin on my Gauntt line through the Ellises.

William Leonard Herr, son of Leonard Herr and Dorothy Gaynor, was born October 27, 1956 in East Orange, Essex County, New Jersey.  He is the half 1st cousin 1x removed of my half-sister Laura Sellers on her Gaynor line.

Tina Rae Alexander, daughter of Phillip Charles Alexander and Jessie Ozley Easlick, was born October 27, 1958 in Mount Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey.  She is my 4th cousin 1x removed on my Gauntt line via the Easlicks.

Jennifer Elyse Rothwax was born October 27, 1982.  She is my 3rd cousin.

Joseph Paul Allen was born October 27, 1983.  He is my 5th cousin 2x removed.

Jordana Haven Mirsky was born October 27, 1996.  She is my 3rd cousin 1x removed.


Sidney Baker and Adele Garfinkel, daughter of Eliezer Louis Garfinkel and Doba Ajzner, were married October 27, 1957 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Adele is my 2nd cousin 2x removed on my Meckler line through the Garfinkels.

Joseph Henderson and Carol Beth Sellers, daughter of Bertram Lynn Sellers, Sr. and Anita Clarice Loveman, were married October 27, 1995 in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida.  Carol is my half-aunt on my Sellers line.

Michael Roger Farrier and Belinda Kay Jackson were married October 27, 2007 in Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland.  Michael is the brother of my sister-in-law, Sandra Farrier.

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