Saturday, October 23, 2021

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: A Baby or Small Child Photograph

I wish I knew where my photo is for this week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver!

Here is your assignment, if you choose to play along (cue the Mission:  Impossible! music):

(1) Do you have baby or small child photographs of yourself or your parents?  Please share one of them.

(2) Share it in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or on Facebook.  Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your blog post on this post.

I know there is a photo of me at about three months, because I've seen it.  My grandmother submitted photos of me and, the next year, of my brother to a newspaper, and they were published.  I think it was the Miami Herald, but I'm not 100% sure of that.  I always wondered why there wasn't a photograph of my sister, but maybe my grandparents had moved from Florida to Las Vegas by then.

Anyway, I have a copy of the newspaper clipping of my photo, but I don't know where it is.  So I'm sharing ths one of my brother, Mark:

It's from July 1963, and he was born in April.  Isn't he adorable?

I do have a photo of my mother, Myra Meckler, when she was only a few months old:

This is from early 1941.  The woman holding her is my grandfather's youngest sister, Elsie Meckler.


  1. Don't you hate it when you can't put your finger on a photo or document? Your brother is adorable.

    1. Yes, yes, I do hate it, I do indeed. But at least I have an adorable brother (or did, when he was three months old). :)

    2. Your brother is so cute with those glasses. I think it was fashionable when our parents were babies for moms to pose with them in the yard. I have several of those both on my side and hubby's side of the family.

    3. That's true, I have seen other photos with glasses like that. But it works, because the babies look cute!

  2. what lovely photos - your brother was so cute! And yes, I hate not being able to find the ONE photo I'm looking for!!


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