Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Wedding Wednesday

This is a follow-up to my Wedding Wednesday post of October 30, 2019, when I wrote about my maternal grandparnets' wedding of October 29, 1939.  This Friday is the 82nd anniversary of their wedding day.

I mentioned in the earlier post that I had additional photos of the wedding but hadn't been able to find them.  Well, some success!

This is the photo I've shared before, of Abe Meckler and Lily Gordon:

This is of my beautiful grandmother by herself.

And the other photo I found seems to have been taken on a different day.  It is not the same photographer, and my grandmother's hair and make-up are different, but stylistically it's similar.  Maybe it was an engagement photo?  I know those used to be popular.

There is at least one more photo out there related to the wedding.  The other one I remember is of my grandmother and her sister-in-law, because it was a double wedding (even if they fudged it a little), both in their wedding dresses.  It should be here somewhere!

And maybe one day I will learn why the wedding was in the Bronx, even though everyone lived in Brooklyn.

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