Friday, October 1, 2021

Events in My Family Tree: October 1

On Albertine P. (Gaunt) Dickensheets' 26th birthday, she received a very special present:  a bouncing baby boy!


Benjamin Selah Gaunt, son of Hananiah Selah Gaunt and Mary Elizabeth Rose, was born October 1, 1822 in Burlington County, New Jersey.  He is my half-great-great-granduncle.

Albertine P. Gaunt, daughter of Henry Plummer Gaunt and Emma Smith, was born October 1, 1855 in Union Township, Camden County, New Jersey.  She is my 3rd cousin 3x removed via the Gaunts.

Kesiah Gaunt, daughter of James Gauntt and Amelia Gibson, was born October 1, 1858 in Buddtown, Burlington County, New Jersey.  She is my great-grandaunt.

Charles Dalton Gaunt, son of Jacob Gaunt and Melvina F. Bennett, was born October 1, 1860 in Jay County, Indiana.  He is my 3rd cousin 3x removed via the Gaunts.

Carleton Dickensheets, son of George W. Dickensheets and Albertine P. Gaunt, was born October 1, 1881 in Gloucester, Camden County, New Jersey, on his mother's birthday.  He is my 4th cousin 2x removed via the Gaunts.

Phyllis Marie Smith was born October 1, 1928 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  She was the wife of Roscoe Preston Flynn, son of Roscoe Sherman Flynn and Edna May Gauntt, who is my 1st cousin 1x removed on my Gauntt line.

Bertha M. Spangler was born October 1, 1937 in Mount Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey.  She was the wife of Mark Lewallen Gauntt, Jr., son of Mark Lewallen Gauntt, Jr. and May Ethyl Lake, who is my 4th cousin 1x removed on my Gauntt line.

Leslie Ellen Shear was born October 1, 1950 in St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota.  She is the wife of Elliott Kushner, son of George Kushner and Ruth Rebecca Segal, who is my 4th cousin on my Meckler line through the Kushners.

William Michael Whitley, son of William Meredith Whitley and Jean Anne Clark, was born October 1, 1956 in Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona.  He is my 6th cousin on my Gauntt line through the Clarks.

Carrie Mason was born October 1, 1964.  She is my 3rd cousin.

Sason Ross was born October 1, 1994.  He is my 4th cousin 1x removed.

Estee Pearl Katz was born October 1, 1997.  She is my 4th cousin 1x removed.


Joseph Gaunt, son of Joseph Gaunt and Elizabeth Frances Borton, and Mary A. Lobaugh were married October 1, 1793, possibly in Perry County, Pennsylvania.  Joseph is my 4x-great-granduncle.

Andrew Earl Slentz, son of Ephraim Slentz and Zilpha Emily Gaunt, and Bessie Florence Landis were married October 1, 1908 in Cassopolis, Cass County, Michigan.  Andrew is my 4th cousin 2x removed via the Gaunts.

David Lester Gaunt, son of Irving Lester Gaunt and Mildred Hoffmann Childs, and Virginia Carolyn Petersen were married October 1, 1960 in Mount Ephraim, Camden County, New Jersey.  David is my 5th cousin via the Gaunts.

Edwin Earl Layton, Jr., son of Edwin Earl Layton and Lois L. Vaughn, and Linda B. Howell were married October 1, 1977 in Orange County, California.  Edwin is my 5th cousin 1x removed on my Gauntt line via the Vaughns.

James Albert Buchanan and Patricia Ann Lore, daughter of Clarence Newcomb Lore and Dorothy Mae Sellers, were married October 1, 2007 in Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas.  Pattie is my half 1st cousin.


Sallie Jane Hartman, daughter of Samuel Frank Hartman and Lucy Ann Gaunt, died October 1, 1884 in Greenwich, Cumberland County, New Jersey at the age of 6 years and 6 months.  She is my 3rd cousin 2x removed via the Gaunts.

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