Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Top 10 Posts of 2019

The new year is a time for retrospectives, and I have been looking at my top 10 posts for the past few years.  I still haven't gotten back to a regular rhythm with my blog, and I only posted about once every three days in 2019.  On the positive side, I am still posting, so I probably shouldn't be so hard on myself!

Like last year, posts for Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenges figured prominently on the list—six of the ten, in fact.  A big change is that no Wordless Wednesdays are on the list at all, whereas three appeared in the 2018 list.

I noticed that all of the posts were from the first quarter of the year.  I think that has more to do with the "long tail", where stories continue to engage readers well after their initial posting, than with the actual content of the stories themselves.

Two posts tied at #9 in 2019.  First was the listing of significant anniversaries I found in my family tree for the year.  Second was a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge to find my longest ancestral marriage (which turned out to be 61 years).

At #8 is a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post, to choose an ancestral line and determine the birth order of each of your ancestors in it.  I was able to put together seven generations.

#7 is another Saturday Night Genealogy Fun entry, this one to post a favorite photograph.  At the time I posted it I did not know who the family members were in the photo, but one of my cousins recognized her grandmother and grandaunt!

At #6 is a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge to put together a line of photographs through multiple gneerations.  I was able to find eight generations of photos on one of my Jewish lines, which really surprised me.

#5 is yet another Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post, about how my parents met, timed right after Valentine's Day.  Both of my parents are dead now, so if I want any more details about their meeting I'll need to talk to my cousin, who was there when they met.

The Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge that came in at #4 asked everyone how they got started doing genealogy research.

At #3 we take a break from Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, because that post celebrated my 8th blogiversary.

#2 was the top Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post, where Randy asked readers about their best discoveries in 2018 and research challenges for 2019.  I have to admit that I'm still stuck on the research challenges I listed then.

I'm actually quite happy that my #1 post last year was the one for my mother's yahrzeit.  I write annually about my mother on her yahrzeit, the anniversary of her death.  It is Jewish tradition to commemorate a deceased family member on that person's death date on the Jewish calendar.  My 2019 post was about advice my mother gave me on the ten things you should always carry with you (even though I only remembered seven of them!).

My posts didn't generate a large number of comments last year, but the one with the most was when I discussed my very, very blended family.

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